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The Mystery of the Wakulla Volcano

Historical Sources

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Article from The New York Times
(June 20, 1880)

Excerpts from 'A Tallahassee Girl'
Maurice Thompson (1881)
Excerpt #1 - Page 93
Excerpt #2 - Pages 205-206
Excerpt #3 - Pages 303-307
Excerpt #4 - Pages 315-316

*NEW* Excerpt from "ON THE GULF COAST"
Lippincott's Magazine
(March, 1882)
Plain text

(September 24, 1883)

Article from The New Orleans Daily Picayune
(November 9, 1883)

From C. L. Norton, "Handbook of Florida"

"Solution of the Wakulla Volcano"
The Chicago Daily Tribune, July 17, 1893

Letter from W. T. Cash to Herman Gunter
(November 1, 1934)

William Wyatt's Speech
(April 11, 1935)

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